Having zeal to live and live for the passion of life is a fact, and relishing on the most sumptuous delicacies is also a passion you can never deny. After going around places and visiting, have a relaxing spa treatment, it is time that you have treated your grumping stomach with lip-smacking food.Castle hotel doesn’t stop with just the room service, they are sous chef here that create the most special continental food for the guests. And the best part is that this hotel serves the best of traditional Daun cuisines which will make you to relish over more and more that you cannot stop yourself from asking for more.Pretzels, mashed potatoes, schnitzel, crepe and all the famous German food delicacies are available here for the guest to enjoy their food. Our professionals make an extra effort to ensure that they are serving only the best and nothing less than that, which might be a disappointment.German fries and Roast Chicken are said to be the best of all in this restaurant. It is time that you head to this restaurant place the order for your entrée and enjoy the complete 3-course meal with your family.