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Daun ~ your next destination

Have you been planning for a long trip or a getaway with your family and friends? Now, it is the right time for you to make a trip to a wonderful and surreal destination which is Daun in Germany. This town is said to be famous for its volcanic history and geological features which makes this location special and different in its own way.

Daun is situated on the south of High Eifel on the river Lieser and the centre is famous for the three volcanic lakes separated by the tuff walls between them. And it is famous for its spa and mineral water springs as well. This particular town is said to be the administrative centre for the Vulkaneifel district and the latter is said to the least densely populated district as well.

This particular destination is filled with lots of places for one to visit and the best part is that they are all available at affordable prices. Book using online software and Once you are here, a day is definitely is not going to be enough for you to see around and it is important that you have a cozy and comfortable place where you can retire for the day and start afresh to continue with your trip at Daun.

Heaven abode

Castle Hotel is the best hotel in Daun as it has all the interesting and exciting amenities available which you might find in the elite hotels. It is a family resort, where the people will be able to have a wonderful stay with an excellent and courteous customer service. They have been in the hospitality business over a few years now and have made a mark in the hearts of the people that have spent their valuable time in this heaven’s abode.

All the rooms in this hotels are spacious and extravagant that it is never it is hard to enough of it that you might end up planning to stay here forever if possible, that is the kind of experience you will be having here and the best part is that you will be catered to all the requirements in the form of services for you.

It is easier for you to get around this wonderful town as this hotel is situated closer to all the tourist spots and destinations. There is summer terrace in the hotel where you can bask in the sun and enjoy your afternoon drink while relaxing with your family away from all the buzzes in the city.

Impeccable customer support

The professionals here provide an excellent support with their service and there is a 24/7 front desk available for you to clarify all the doubts which you might have regarding your stay and the places for you to see around in Daun. There is a health fitness centre for you to work out even on the days when you are away from you home.

Castle hotel is quite famous for the explicit services which it has been providing. There is a swimming pool available as well for you to relax yourself in the waters and still enjoying the sun. And there are other kinds of amenities available for the guests to avail and get the best out of it.

Comprehensive packages

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling all by yourself as a wanderlust or with your family, there is a special offer available for you at this hotel and the best part is that they are completely pocket friendly. Apart from this, there is a wonderful and exotic spa which will help you to rejuvenate from all the stress you have to go through in your daily life.

There are comprehensive packages available for the guests that come with their family and friends. They can have the privilege to avail all the services in the hotel at an l0wer price in the form of this package. Couples can retreat here will the special package for the love birds and the newlyweds as well.

Places to see around in Daun

This town is filled with quite interesting places for the tourists to see around and enjoy. There is Wild & Erlebnispark, a perfect place for all those wild life lovers to have a great view and enjoy the sight of the wild. People who visit this place state that they can spend a good half-a-day in this 8 kilometer sanctuary which has the wild predominantly from the locals of Daun.

You can have your next stop at the Gemuendener Maar a wonderful place with the ethnic touch of the country side. A beautiful lake which has occurred due to the volcanic activity and you can have a peaceful walk and stroll around the lake and enjoy the scenery. And it is also said that the people will be able to see all the 3 Maars at one single place.

Eifeler Glockengiesserei is said to be a place where one will be able to find a store which is run by a family in the backdrop of a beautiful landscape village in Eifel. Here the guest will be able to get to see the making of the big bells for the churches and the ethnicity which it holds. There are a number of exciting and interesting things to do in Daun, right from historical sites to cultural attractions there are myriads of places for the traveler to get around in Daun.

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Castle Hotel Daun FAQs

1) What is the procedure to change my booking?

You can change the bookings through the ‘My Booking’. Then you can make the necessary changes just by logging in with the booking number along with the corresponding PIN code supplied by our hotel.

2) How do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking through the My Booking just by logging in with the booking number and the PIN code supplied by our hotel.

3) How do I know that my booking has been canceled?

Once the booking has been canceled, you will receive an email confirmation from our team.

4) Is it safe to fill in my credit card number?

Yes, it is safe to fill the credit card number; the details are encrypted and also protected against the disclosure to the third parties.

5) Can I book a room if I do not have a credit card?

Yes, it is possible to book a hotel room without the credit card.

6) Are the pets allowed in the hotels?

Yes, we welcome both cats and dogs in our hotels.

7) Can I make the bookings for the larger groups?

Yes, it is possible to make the bookings for larger groups. You can contact our support team for more details about the possibilities.

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